Small Batch Soy Candles - Beaker

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  • Our Hazel & Fox Australian scented candle range.
    Hand poured in house using our designed scents, inspired by the Australian nature and local area. 

    You will not find our scents available anywhere else.


    • Hand poured soy candles
    • Created in small batches
    • 100ml Borosilicate Glass Beaker
    • 75mm x 55mm
    • 10 hours burn time
    • Fragrances created using essential and botanical oils


    Please remove dust cover and read the label under the glass container prior to use, for candle burning and safety tips.


    Please note: Due to our candles being hand poured in small batches, you may find what many described as wet spots on the side of the glass. This is a very common occurrence when making candles in glassware, particularly when using natural waxes (Which we use in all our candles) This is not a fault to the candle and will not in any way affects the burn ability of the candle.  We do not exchange or refund candles, that have wet spots.

  • High Country:
    Inspired by our beautiful bushland of the High Country, Victoria.


    • With notes of Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Musk and Applewood.  A fresh medium / full bodied fragrance suitable for large to medium size rooms.


    Inspired by childhood memories of Summer nights eating Lemonade iceypols in Mansfield VIC.


    • Australian Lemon Myrtle, cushed teatree leaves and sweet notes of summer. A sweet citrus medium fragrance suitable for small to medium size rooms. 


    Star gazing by campfire sleeping in swags, creating memmories.


    • A woody campfire and Eucalyptus blend, offering a earthy masculine aroma. A medium fragrance suitable for small to medium size rooms. 


    The swagman candle has a natural yellow tone to the wax. This is due to the smokeing process, that we use to give the candle a natural campfire scent.